Rycote Invision On Camera Shock Mount

RYCOTE Article no: RY041138



InVision On Camera

The InVision® On Camera shock mount is designed specifically for mounting to a camera using the shoe mount or to attach to a 3/8” boom pole. Utilising the Rycote patented Lyre® technology the Duo-Lyre shock mount not only securely holds the microphone due to its special soft-grip inner moulded clip, it also has excellent protection against shock and handling noise with substantial improvement over traditional rigid on-camera microphone mounts. The height of the mount is designed to allow for the microphone and windshield to be above the lens, keeping it out of shot and away from the grinding noises of the lens.


For use on: Camera or Boom Pole (3/8")

Microphone diameter: 19mm to 25mm

Microphone type: Short and medium condenser, short shotgun, supports slip-on windshield

SKU: 041138


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