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Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 12 Windshield System

Product Code: 089121

MS Kit: Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 12

Mid: Sennheiser MKH 60

Side: Sennheiser MKH 30

Kit: Large

The new Rycote Stereo Cyclone range features a comprehensive selection of professional windshield kits, designed for the popular stereo techniques, such as X/Y, Mid-Side and Double Mid-Side. As well as models designed for Single Mic and Ambisonic mic applications.

Each model has been individually designed to perfectly complement specific, popular stereo microphone combinations. Whether it’s for production sound, broadcast, audio for gaming or wildlife recording – if you use stereo recording to create directionality, perspective, space, atmosphere and realism – there’s a Stereo Cyclone model that’s perfect for you!

Superb Acoustic Transparency Open shell structure design with curved contours and no straight or parallel surfaces – greatly reduces room-tone effects.

From mic windshield to suspension in the blink of an eye The windshield basket design uses a magnetic Z-Locking System that can be opened and closed using just one hand. Reassembly allows the windshield sides to snap into perfect alignment.

A sleek new Connbox design - Specific to each stereo configuration Designed specifically for internal cable routing, isolation and vibration reduction, we took our original Connbox and redesigned it for stereo and multichannel microphone configurations.

Unique design… individually hand-built Each and every Stereo Cyclone windshield is individually hand-built in our factory in Stroud. This very specialised manufacturing process is carried-out by a highly-skilled Rycote technician, and takes many hours to complete.

One range – Multiple stereo and surround techniques The Stereo Cyclone range covers a variety of popular stereo and surround recording techniques, and each kit is individually designed and optimised for a specific stereo microphone or microphone pairing – our range of models is extensive


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