Rycote Universal Studio Mount Options

InVision Universal Studio Mount: For side-address microphones

The unparalleled flexibility of the InVision USM, with its unprecedented fast setup in studio and live applications, accommodates multiple side-address microphones.

With its unique and quick adjustable universal locking system, it can be quickly adjusted to securely fit a wide range of microphones. With just a handful of models, the InVision USM Suspensions accommodate a wide range of diameters while providing peak performance for both lighter and heavier microphone models.

The USM utilises specially designed clips with Rycote’s patented Lyre Technology. Made from robust Hytrel thermoplastic, the USM will never sag or need re-threading. This indestructible, innovative design provides an additional 12 dB of isolation compared to conventional elastic suspensions.

So in saying all of the above, how do i choose the correct USM for my microphone?

To choose the best suited USM you will ideally need to know the diameter of your microphone and the weight as well. 

Hint: If you are looking for a single USM solution of two or more microphones, each of the said microphones will have to have their individual diameters and respective weights fall into the same range that a specific USM is capable of supporting. 

USM Kits: (With Pop Filter)

InVision USM Studio Kits combine the outstanding Universal Pop Filter to the USM shock-mount of your choice. There’s no need to spend minutes adjusting clamps and goosenecks as the innovative design of this pop filter reduces studio set-up time by securely locking to the USM’s outer support ring in just seconds.

The easily-replaceable, oval-shaped, open-cell material delivers up to 20dB protection against plosives with no high-frequency loss.
Rycote Universal Studio Mount Template

The USM range is all about making life easy; simplify you recording sessions today!

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