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18cm Short Fur Softie Black

Product Code: 034362

The Short Fur Softie with its non-shedding black fur provides excellent protection from wind when capturing audio using shotgun microphones mounted on camera or boom pole.

Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make the Short Fur Softie an extremely tough product that provides excellent wind protection to withstand the harshest environments.

> More compact design, whilst offering the same wind-noise reduction as a Classic Softie®, effective use in the harshest environments.
> A short 10mm synthetic black fur offering a smaller silhouette with no compromise on wind protection, reduced reflections and non- shedding.
> Acoustic transparency -Thin-walled cavity design for acoustic transparency across the spectrum.
> Smaller profile works well with microphones on-camera or on a boom pole.
> Specially designed acoustic foam impervious to UV and moisture damage making this a trusted tool for years of effective use in the harshest environments.
> Available in a large range of sizes to fit most popular shotgun microphones.
Fits Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 418, ME66; Sanken CS-3; Røde NTG-3 & Deity S-Mic

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