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Baseball Black (19/20mm) - 3 Pack

Product Code: 039703

Baseball is the ingenious little 3” windscreen, specifically designed for interior boom pole use. It offers a simple, improved solution to greatly reduce the ‘swooshes’ (unwanted noise artifacts caused by laminar airflow across the mic), that are induced by fast boom swings and other rapid movements. Choose the 19/20mm model for the DPA 4018; Sennheiser MKH8040 & MKH8050 and Schoeps CMC series. The 24/25mm version fits the Sennheiser MKH40 & MKH50.

Main Benefits:

• Significantly increased performance compared to conventional foam windscreens

• Allows for rapid attachment and removal

• Durable and easily maintained • Incredibly lightweight – only 17g*

• Offers general capsule protection to the microphone (e.g. during scene ‘downtime’ or equipment changes)

• Acoustically transparent open cell foam and soft felt cover construction

• Handmade in the UK

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