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Baseball Windjammer - Single

Product Code: 055345

The Baseball Windjammer® is an acoustically transparent, easy-to-apply fur solution which provides an additional layer of protection for our Baseball range of windscreens. Fitting all sizes of Baseball (which have the same external physical dimensions), this low-profile fur cover allows for high-speed, ‘extreme’ booming - and can even be used outdoors in light winds. A Baseball plus Baseball Windjammer combination provides up to 40dB of wind noise attenuation

Main Benefits:

• Additional wind-shielding performance for all existing Baseball models

• Rapid, easy attachment and removal

• Acoustically transparent, industry-leading Rycote fur technology (synthetic fur)

• Durable and easily maintained • Incredibly lightweight – only 15g*

• Offers even more protection to the microphone (e.g. during scene ‘downtime’ or equipment changes)

• One size fits all Baseball variants (19/20mm; 21/22mm and 24/25mm)

• Handmade in the UK

• In combination with the Baseball, provides up to 40dB of wind noise attenuation across the frequency spectrum


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