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Cyclone Adaptor for PCS-Boom Connector

The Cyclone Adaptor for PCS-Boom Connector (Connector not supplied), is the neatest, lightest and simplest way to integrate the Rycote Professional Connection System into your existing Rycote Cyclone Kit. The Cyclone Adaptor replaces your Cyclone’s existing boom adaptor and has a built-in, fixed PCS tip, along with a unique new XLR holder with 360° adjustability.

1 x Cyclone Adaptor for PCS-Boom Connector

1 x XLR Holder (pre-fitted)

Main Benefits:

• Simplest way to integrate the Rycote PCS quick attachment/quick release functionality into your existing Rycote Cyclone windshield kit

• Smaller and lighter - compared to using the existing boom adaptor with a separate 3/8” PCS Tip attached

• Built-in PCS tip means your Cyclone windshield is always ‘PCS-ready’ and there’s one less moving/removable part to think about!

• With a fixed PCS tip, as opposed to threaded on, it is always in perfect alignment with the Cyclone windshield kit itself

• Unique XLR holder which allows for 360 degree rotation, so you can easily choose & change where the XLR sits, relative to the mount

• XLR holder designed with a slight ‘kick angle’ to help better accommodate the use of plug-in transmitters at the end of the boom

• Compatible with Rycote Cyclone and Stereo Cyclone Windshield Kits (replacing the existing boom adaptor)

• Easy to fit

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