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InVision INV-1

Product Code: 041101

Suitable for the AKG C747, Audio-Technica ATM350, Sennheiser ME36, Schoeps CCM, amongst others.

Main Benefits:

  • Second-to-none isolation against handling noise and vibrations
  • Ideal for microphones with a diameter of 9.5mm
  • The lyre system is virtually unbreakable
  • No elasticated parts — never sags or needs rethreading

A range of shock mounts and accessories intended for use in studio recording.

The Universal Studio Mount (USM) combines with a new Universal Pop Filter to make a complete vocal microphone suspension and pop filter system that will accommodate virtually any large side address microphone.

Rycote's InVision models 1 to 3, are designed for discreet, low-profile use of compact microphones in broadcast studio environments where windshielding is not required.

Tech Specs

Width: 11cm
Height: 6cm
Length: 18cm

Fitted with:

- 2 x 9.5mm clips with InVision (43mm wide) Lyre, and a reducing sleeve
- Standard bar with 25mm (1") centres
- Sleeve clips onto the microphone connector and the cable, leaving the microphone casing free to be fitted with a foam windscreen if required

Lyre Web: InVision
Front clip: 9.5 mm
Back clip: 9.5 mm
Sleeve: Yes
Bar size: Standard

* not suitable for Boom Pole used


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