PCS-Boom Connector w/ 1 x 3/8" tip included

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PCS-Boom Connector

The Professional Connection System (‘PCS’) is the ingenious new quick attachment/quick release connection system from Rycote. The first Rycote PCS product, the PCS-Boom Connector, has been designed for professional boom pole use. Attach the Connector to any 3/8” threaded boom pole, and affix the included 3/8” male ‘tip’ to your mic's shock-mount or windshield. Intuitive, one handed ‘click-in’ attachment and pull collar release mechanism, for fast and incredibly easy operation that provides a rock-solid, noise-free connection in use.

1 x PCS-Boom Connector

1 x 3/8” male ‘Tip’ (fitted with leather washer)

1 x Hex key

Main Benefits:

• Designed for professional boom pole use, with any 3/8” threaded boom pole

• Intuitive and incredibly easy attachment and release mechanism – for fast and simple swapping of mics (in shock mounts/windshields)

• Single handed, positive locking operation – just press in and ‘click’ to connect

• Rock solid and noise free in operation – for audio critical boom pole use

• Lightweight (only 53g Connector + Tip combined), small and durable

• Compatible with any make of microphone shock mount, suspension or windshield kit (fitted with a female 3/8” thread)

• Secure locking with 100 Newton maximum load (equivalent to 10kg/22lbs in a fixed position)

• Made out of robust, high quality materials in neutral colors (black and grey), with non-reflective finish

• Locks to boom pole without damaging the boom pole thread

• Designed and made in the UK

• Extensively tested in Germany


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