PCS-Half Coupler Large 48-51mm w/3/8" Bolt

RYCOTE Article no: RYC185811



PCS-Half Coupler Large 48-51mm w/3/8" Bolt

Product Code: RYC185811

The Professional Connection System (‘PCS’) is the ingenious new quick attachment/quick release connection system from Rycote.

Mount your microphones, shock mounts, windshields and lighting accessories to trusses, scaffolding poles and other rigging apparatus safely and securely with the Half Coupler Small 48-51mm w/3/8" Bolt.


Main Benefits:

  • Black Steel Clasp: Small: 48-51mm diameter
  • Customised with a 3/8 BSW threaded bolt
  • Anti-rotation widget
  • Designed to be used with round poles/trusses.

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