Rycote Nano Shield at work

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Nano Shield.
The next evolutionary step in windshield kits!

The Nano Shield is Rycote’s lightest, smallest and most advanced windshield kit yet. The Nano Shield has been designed to provide excellent wind protection and acoustic transparency for capturing clean audio.

The entire kit incorporates many patented designs including improved Lyre shock mounts which are more compliant for lighter microphones and a mounting bar / swivel arm that requires no tools to make adjustments or replace Lyre mounts.

The Nano Shield kits are also extremely versatile with interchangeable basket halves that allow you to change the size of the blimps by swapping out baskets without the need to buy an entire new kit.


Each kit comes ready-to-use and complete with the following:
2 x Magnet lock windshield basket halves with gray wind socks.
1 x  Windjammer® fur
1 x No tools needed” mic mounting bar
1 x Pair of Nano Shield Lyre® mounts, (+ extra pair of Nano Lyre® mounts)
1 x PCS swivel arm with friction brake, interchangeable 3/8” thread mount for swivel arm (for non-PCS usage on booms or stands),
1 x PCS ergonomic handle, low-profile XLR cable with built-in RF filter and switchable 80Hz low-cut.
1 x 360-adjustable and reversible XLR holder,
1 x Extra pair of black wind socks and protective case.
What's in the Nano Shield Box
 Features & Benefits of the Nano Shield System

  • 30% lighter than existing Modular windshield kits
  • Smaller overall footprint compared to existing kits
  • Interchangeable magnetic basket halves for fast setups & mic swaps
  • Redesigned & patented Lyre mounts offer improved handling noise reduction
  • No tools needed to make adjustments or swap out Lyre mounts
  • Oval blimp design with non-parallel sides offers better wind protection with less internal resonance
  • Large hexagonal pockets provide better acoustic transparency and less high frequency loss
  • Slim design friction-braking swivel arm
  • Low profile XLR cable with built in RF filter and switchable 80Hz low-cut included
  • Ergonomic handle with built-in PCS quick release
  • Removable / interchangeable windshield socks
  • Reversible XLR holder (points out for wireless transmitters & points in for direct-to-cable connection)

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