Rycote release new PCS Quick Release & PCS Stands / Grip products.

The new PCS Range of Products Provides the Quickest Mounting of Mics and Accessories – Ensuring a 100% Secure, Noise-free Operation even during the Most Demanding Use


Rycote and Vitec Imaging Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of PCS Products and accessories..

The original and highly successful Rycote PCS Boom Connector solved a multitude of problems with a unified, professional and sturdy quick-release system that allows for an instant, one-handed, quick connect/disconnect of all types of microphones to a boom pole or fixture. Rycote has built on the PCS Boom Connector’s success to create a complete system for quicker, more secure, and less complicated workflows than sound professionals have been able to enjoy so far.
Rycote PCS Utility
Constantly working within strict time constraints, sound professionals cannot afford to waste time in screwing/unscrewing shock mounts, windshields, etc. They can’t risk couplings releasing, clattering or slackening while in use – or indeed damaging gear by accidentally trying to mount it using the wrong thread.

Rycote has developed the new system in response to the clear need for assisting production sound mixers, boom ops, sound recordists and audio engineers – whether in the field, studio, theatre, or at live events – in achieving a quick and simple workflow. The PCS range is designed to allow the mounting of microphones and accessories and save time when switching gear without any need for adapters – while guaranteeing a 100% noise-free and secure coupling between microphone accessory and mounting point or surface.

The ergonomic design of all the PCS quick release products ensures a simple and safe one-handed operation while the new range of PCS Stands and Grip allows sound professionals to benefit from the extreme flexibility of positioning mics and accessories in the exact location they should be, but quicker and easier than ever before. With no less than five unique quick release Connectors and eight arms and stands in total, the Rycote PCS system now allows for incredible versatility and harmonisation across your workflow.
Rycote PCS Spigot
The new range of PCS Connectors and Accessories

PCS-Boom Connector - $144.00rrp* 
The PCS-Boom Connector was the first in the PCS range and remains the flagship quick-release. Slim and lightweight, it has a premium aluminium finish and a high payload capacity.

PCS-Organizer - $59.95rrp* 
The PCS-Organizer has been designed for flat surface mounting allowing for quick and secure access to windshields, microphone supports and other sound accessories.

PCS-Lite 3/8” - $59.95rrp* 
The PCS-Lite 3/8”is the most versatile and economical quick release mechanism in the range with 3/8“-16 compatibility and simple click-in auto-locking operation.

PCS-Lite 5/8” - $59.95rrp* 
The PCS-Lite 5/8” has been designed for the MI Industry with a dedicated 5/8” threaded socket and threaded tip. It allows quick and easy microphone swaps while maintaining a secure connection to a microphone stand.

PCS-Utility - $109.95rrp* 
The PCS-Utility is the workhorse of the range. Highly robust and durable, constructed from stainless steel, glass-filled nylon, and aluminium, has an extremely secure twist-and-pull unlocking mechanism.

PCS-Spigot - $109.95rrp* 
The PCS-Spigot is the ideal accessory to convert Manfrotto lighting stands and arms with typical lighting spigot connections into reliable quick-release systems to attach any sound kit with a 3/8” thread. It fits all articulated arms and stands with a 5/8” (16mm) spigot.

PCS-Utility Kit Small and Large - $119.95rrp*
The PCS-Utility Kit Small and Large include a Rycote Half Coupler with a compatible 3/8” bolt. It enables mounting microphones, shock mounts, windshields and lighting accessories to trusses, scaffolding poles and other rigging devices safely and securely.

New PCS Grip and Stands
Rycote Artic Arm
PCS-Artic Arm - $219.95rrp* 

The PCS-Artic Arm with its 3/8” BSW male thread at the distinctive steel blue finished end will fit all industry-standard sound accessories including windshields and shock mounts. It is articulated and has a standard-size 16mm spigot with 3/8” female thread and an ergonomic knob to quickly get a microphone in the needed position. Also available as a kit with the Manfrotto Super Clamp - $229.95rrp* This multipurpose clamp can hold onto just about anything, including round and square surfaces ranging from 13mm to 50mm.

PCS-Artic Arm Micro Kit - $229.95rrp*
The PCS-Artic Arm Micro Kit has a 3/8” BSW male attachment and is compatible with industry-standard sound accessories. This is a compact, solid, and highly dependable professional variable-friction arm in solid aluminium with an ergonomic handle for precision-controlled movement. It includes an anti-rotation adapter and Nano Clamp with a 3.0 kg payload.

PCS-Cobra Arm 3/8”- $59.95rrp* 
The PCS-Cobra Arm 3/8” is semi-flexible with a dedicated 3/8” BSW male attachment and Hytrel® washer. It is a versatile positioning accessory and is compatible with the PCS-Quick Release Connector range.

PCS-Stand Base 3/8” & PCS-Stand Base Mini 3/8” - $59.95rrp* each The PCS-Stand Base 3/8” and PCS-Stand Base Mini 3/8”are low-lying stands with a 3/8” BSW male attachment to allow the mounting of microphones close to the floor. They allow for quick setup and fold flat for easy carry. The PCS-Stand Base 3/8” with PCS-Utility Kit option is also available - $189.95rrp*.

The PCS-Sound Stand 3/8” - $109.95rrp* 
The PCS-Sound Stand 3/8” features a durable and adjustable 2-section aluminium column with a 3/8” BSW male attachment with Hytrel® washer, reaching a maximum height of 79cm. The rigid black steel base also features a 3/8” BSW male attachment for use without the pole for low-level use. Also available as a kit with the PCS-Utility - $239.95rrp*.

PCS-Sound Stand Mini 3/8” - $74.95rrp* 
The PCS-Sound Stand Mini 3/8”is a super compact stand with extendable mini pole up to 20cm.

*PRICING / RRP (At time of press release December 2020)

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